SmartPoints Recipes

Gourmet style recipes with Smart Points that you can cook at home.

In The Kitchen

Want to know what we use (and don't use) in our kitchen.  Some of the best comparisons and hands-on evaluations of products that we put to the test.

Great food on Weight Watchers & your new lifestyle

After being on numerous diets which all failed, we decided to look at a whole new approach, mixed in with one that works.  If we love the taste of food that's bad for you, why not make the food that's good for you, taste great!

We wanted to lose weight and knew we had to change our lifestyle, but that doesn't mean you have to mothball the BBQ or give up on pancakes & maple syrup or even french fries.

Skinny Cook allows you to change-up your cooking with recipes that taste great and don't blow your  SmartPoints.

Fruit Yogurt