Egg Poachers

It seems like there are thousands of egg poachers out there, from plastic microwave versions, electric, stovetop pans, silicone, electric and even sous vide and Instant Pot options.

My amazing wife uses the traditional boiling water method and is truly a master at setting the right level of boil and the right amount of vinegar.  Vinegar in the water helps keep the egg whites together and not floating off all over the place like a ghost scene from Ghostbusters.

For a quick down and dirty breakfast, I used to use the microwave option, with a small amount of water, an egg and a small knob of butter (before WW) and complete with exploding egg yolks when I forgot to poke a hole in it, but now I prefer using a poaching pan so I can perfectly cook my eggs and remove them at different times for different levels of doneness.  My wife likes hers a little more firm, whereas I like mine with a very runny yolk and a firm white, which is hard to do when they are swirling around in a boiling water bath.

There are a lot of poaching pan options to choose from depending on your budget and they all do a pretty reasonable job.  For the Weight Watcher in me, I chose one with a good set of Teflon egg holders with metal grips instead of the plastic ones which I have found to deteriorate over time.  The Teflon means I can simply spray a small amount of non-stick and the eggs slide right out, especially if I have added any other ingredients to make egg bites instead.

The one I use is a top of the line professional pan from Demeyere (below).  It is heavy and will no doubt outlast me but works well on both induction and gas cooktops.
I don’t expect you will need one like mine for the average kitchen. Check out all of the other options available on Amazon



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