What’s in Our Kitchen?

Our “test kitchen” is a small working home kitchen with limited space, not some fancy corporate studio with a dozen ovens and access to every piece of equipment available.

We are not chefs or have amazing skills, but we do love to cook.

What is in our kitchen may not suit what you need or want in your kitchen, but we offer a very raw and truthful evaluation of whatever we use, or have used and thrown away for whatever reason.


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Meet the Team

Our team demands the highest degree of attention to detail.  If the product doesn’t work, they will “turn their noses up”

Sasha Corporate



The most experienced one in the kitchen.  She can often be found “in the drop zone” or barking orders.

Seamus mad scientist


Mad Scientist

Gets into all sorts of trouble but is very particular about what he eats.



Small but Mighty

Izzy grew up in the “rough part of town” and brings a decidedly spicy style to the kitchen.