Hints, Tips and Tools

Let's face it, changing your lifestyle, losing weight, eating healthy, cooking differently, getting fit, work, travel, family etc... can be harder than it seems some times.

Here we endeavor to put together some helpful tools, information and experience we have gleaned from our own journeys and those of others whether you are just a newbie starting out or are a pro on your 100th time "starting again".

Life throws all kinds of curve balls at us and everyone's experience and motivation is different.  Its not unusual to go through an emotional roller coaster, several "plateaus" of slowing down or even gaining or the inevitable, it seems, "falling off the wagon"

Check out the information here for a little motivation and learning which will help your journey and answer some questions you may have.


Falling off the wagon? Fallen and can't seem to get back on?  Check out some tips & tricks to help you catch up and jump off the struggle bus.

Letter to your husband

Frustrated with Freestyle?

Helpful Sites

"I am an information junkie.  The more I understand about how my body reacts allows me to tweak my own journey better"

I'm a true road warrior, on the road for work nearly every week.  I choose my airline, hotel chain and restaurants to fit within my new lifestyle.

"How many times have I started the same diet?  Now I am on a lifestyle journey with positive results".