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If you are online only, Connect will be your window to an amazing group of people.  You have access to hundreds of thousands of people with knowledge and experience to share; many of whom are on the same journey as you.  For many people, it is their only social media and you will find it is not just for online-only people; there are plenty of people who attend meetings and you’ll even find a bunch of lifetime members.  I found it to be a huge library of knowledge and encouragement.

It is a safe place, full of support, empathy, love and best of all, no judgment.  Everyone has something in common.

It is NOT a place to do battle or prove your intellectual superiority by browbeating others – sorry but there are groups on other social media platforms for that…

The idea is that you should post weight loss related items; but, that means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  You are likely to find stories that people post that resonate with you 100%, but also stories that have no value to you personally whatsoever; just know that the person who posted it feels it is meaningful to them and their success and you are not compelled to respond.  Weight management isn’t all about the food you eat, there are emotional, physical and mental elements involved.

Ultimately you have the option to block or even report the post.  I have heard that WW needs a number of reports before they will remove the post.  I have also seen where someone was “targeted” by a group of “reporters” who unjustly report posts in an effort to censor or annoy the member, which is a carryover tactic from other social networks and simply doesn’t belong on Connect in my eyes.  Fortunately, these are very isolated and you may never come across them.

My parents always told me “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”.  I think this applies to Connect.   You always have the option to keep scrolling.

I love Connect because you get a wide diversity of opinions, challenges, and ideas from so many different perspectives.  I use it as a library of information that I can access, to figure out which specific things were working for people, so I could try them and see if they worked for me.  If they did, great, if not, I tried something else.

Mobile/iPad Vs PC &Web

I think this is an area where WW dropped the ball (sorry guys).  The Connect user experience is DIFFERENT on the PC/Web Vs the Mobile App on your phone and iPad.

Your phone and iPad have an App download from either the Play Store (Android) or App Store (Apple) but your PC can only connect to the web login.

You can do things on the Mobile App that you can’t on the Web and vice versa.  The big ones are:
1. not being able to search for people or hashtags on the PC and
2. not being able to post anything.

The web login is pretty limiting but does allow you to respond and like posts as well as change your filter for Trending, New & Following but that’s about it.

When you use Connect from the Mobile App, you have much more data available to you, as well as the ability to post your own posts along with pictures or video.  On the iPad click “Share with us…” and on mobile click the orange + button.

You can also search for people using the @ symbol like @cloudbuster61 or search topics like #daffystutorials #fatdag or #sprengelstyle etc… in the Connect Search Bar.  Almost any topic has a hashtag, and if it doesn’t you can create one right in your own post by typing # followed immediately by your topic.  That’s a handy way to help others find your post as part of a search topic.  Some people use them as a way to focus attention on the comment rather than something anyone will actually search on, like #ireallywanttoeatallthechocolateinthehousetonight.

You can check if you have followers or comments on any of your posts by clicking the bell icon which will be highlighted or showing a number or red dot if you have been “tagged” which means someone mentioned in a comment using your @member name, have replied to your post or  replied to one of your replies within someone else’s posts by hitting the reply button.

There are also some personal settings you can only change by logging into the web which you won’t find in the app.  You may have to sign in on the web for those (just a reminder).

Overall, connect is a wonderful place to get support and find like-minded people.  You can even find groups who have local meetups and organize outings or gatherings at events like fun runs and 5k/10k.

It is what you make it… some people get a lot out of Connect and some people have never heard of it but if you are online only Connect is your lifeline and window to an amazing social network unlike any other.


Be a good Connector!



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