Exercise & Moving

Exercise & Moving More

Depending on your circumstances you may or may not be able to exercise.  Both my wife and I didn’t change our level of exercise (or lack of) for 5 months.  We felt much better and found that we were starting to park the car further away from the doors at Costco, as well as walk more inside stores.  Many times before, we might have forgotten something on the list which was way across the store and would wait till next time, but now we make our way around again, or one of us goes to get it.

As we started walking more we felt better and started walking on purpose; deliberately going on walks and even explored the mountain park nature trails at the end of our street.  Yup, a mountain park with over 20 miles of trails and some gorgeous scenery, right at the end of our street.  We had always wondered what it was like, so we drove up there and checked it out one day.
There are quite a few trails which vary in difficulty from pretty flat and easy to quite difficult, due to the mountainside.  On our first walk, we saw a number of people doing exactly what we were doing, the slow lazy easy trail.  They were all very friendly and would stop for a chat and talk about their dogs or their adventures in the park.

My wife’s ankle was doing pretty well and the walk was really an amazing desert stroll with lots of things to see, so we went back for a few more walks and some more difficult trails and now we go once a week on average and get in 2 to 3 miles at a time.  It sure beats a gym membership for us, we’re just not the type.

Lots of people also go to the gym, walk 10,000 steps a day, lift weights, ride bicycles, plank or simple pushups and even do video routines on the TV at home with Leslie Sansone.  Another admission… we still have one of those workout twisty boards still in the box from nearly a year ago.  I am starting to think I will have to break it out to try and get rid of my “love handles”.

Never say never!  If the gym isn’t for you, try something a little less energetic, but try something other than sitting in a chair.  Even if you do just an extra 100  steps per day, that’s an extra 3650 steps extra per day by the end of the year.

When I travel, I make a conscious decision to walk from my hotel to the restaurant nearby or take a stroll through the mall.  You will be surprised how quickly the steps add up.

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