I’m Hungry

Eat Your Points: Don’t starve!

This is something you will come across.  When I started WW I thought that I could lose weight twice as fast if I only ate half my points – well, to quote a famous commercial “That’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works”!  The plan is designed to help you lose weight but not go into the hunger zone too deeply.

It takes a little adjustment, but your body will get there, persevere, you will be well on the way in a week or two.  Typically, after the first few weeks, you will know what is happening with your body and you can play around with Weeklies Vs Dailies and fit points etc.…  The trick is, don’t go hungry.  If your body goes into survival mode, it will panic and try to retain as many nutrients as it can.  In my case, when I tried this (not knowing any better) my body made me feel weak and lethargic.  It was conserving energy.  Even my brain slowed down and I couldn’t think as quickly.  I found I lost the same by not being hungry because I had more energy and felt better, so I was burning calories simply by being more active.

Make sure to eat your points or get more protein if you are constantly hungry – that’s what they are there for.  I must confess, I use some of mine for wine, but hey, I’m counting them.  Early on, we made sure to grab some WW ice cream bars and desserts.  At 4 points, they did a pretty good job at helping me because my brain was wired for dessert.  Now we rarely eat dessert.

Also, are you really hungry or do you just think you’re hungry?  Often a growling stomach or a “hunger pang” doesn’t actually mean you are hungry; you may in fact just be bored; give it 30 minutes, do something else and see if you are still hungry.  If you are truly hungry at that point grab an apple, a banana, or a glass of water between meals.  If you don’t want one of those, then you are probably not hungry, right?

If you really are hungry, you may not be eating enough protein like eggs, chicken, turkey etc…  proteins fill you up for longer and give you energy.  I like the Kodiak Waffle mix, an egg, protein powder, PB2 (a peanut powder) and often bananas or blueberries, topped with sugar-free maple syrup mixed with PB2 to form a drizzle.  I first came across these from @MudHustler called #BAW or #BigAssWaffles.  They truly do fill you up and are very satisfying especially with the protein powder added in..

Remember, know the difference between being hungry and being bored.  Water, veggies or fruit between meals will help.

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