The Longest Marathon for Weight Watchers

The Longest Marathon of your Life

At least once in a while, as a Weight Watcher, you are going to question your commitment, kind of like a marathon runner partway through the race saying, “why did I ever sign up for this race”.  Yes, it is hard and yes, it is painful and not everyone can win the race but the important thing in the mind of a marathon runner is that they went the distance; they finished.  Did they count each and every step along the way?  No, they check their Fit Bit and look back on their pace at the finish line – some check their pace per mile if they are trying to beat a time, simply to predict how much effort they need to put in along the way and adjust their speed up or down, but a majority of people are not there to win, they are there purely to finish, and some are just happy participate.

What happens at the end of the race?  Is life over?  Is the finish line strewn with the dead bodies of marathon runners?  No, life goes on… all the participants walk away and go back to their regular lives, content with the fact that they participated and while a handful of people take the prizes, everyone is a winner in their own way.

When you look at a 26-mile event (I won’t call it a race), it is really just a “sprint” portion of a lifelong journey.  The Start and Finish lines are just punctuation marks which identify a “sprint start and stop” effort along the way.

For Weight Watchers, there is no finish line, just a series of sprints to your goal; then a long, long walk…

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