Tracking Your Points

Track Track Track

Tracking is key to successfully getting results.  If you do nothing else…track, and track honestly, you are only cheating yourself if you don’t and then you will wonder why you are not losing, and then you will become disillusioned and fall off the wagon, you will blame WW and we will welcome you back in a year only with more weight than when you started this time.  Trust me on this one – there is a revolving door which sucks you in when you stop tracking… don’t go near it.

The best way to track is PRE-tracking.  Enter your meal in the app before you eat, even if you are eating out, research the menu and figure out points ahead of time.  This worked for me countless times and allowed me to select my restaurant depending on my points.  It helped me enjoy my meal much more as well, with limits that I had already set.  On the occasions where I SWAG’d it while I was eating, I was so far off it wasn’t funny.  One meal I had, went from my guesstimate of 32SP to a whopping 96SP.  Boy that made me sit up and take notice in a hurry after I got home.  That blew my weekly points and my fit points for the rest of the week and it wasn’t even worth it.
Now when I am forced to guess, I double the number of points I think it is.  I’m always wrong, but now I’m only half wrong.
I also apply my “Rule of Halves” whenever I have to guess.

It is important for me to also keep track of my Zero points foods as well.  Even though they are zero points, I want to see what I am eating & drinking.  I even track water.

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