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I don’t mean for this handbook to be a substitute user guide; Weight Watchers has some great tutorials for your App and even videos but sometimes we miss things so here’s a few tips.

Your App is your key to tracking and managing your weight loss and gives you a great way to plan, track and manage your day and week.

Here’s a couple of the settings I play around with and I encourage you to learn as much as you can about your own settings along the way. 

You can choose 1. Lose Weight or 2. Maintain.  Pretty simple!  Lose Weight will adjust your points in order for you to be more aggressive whereas Maintain will try to keep your weight the same.  Use this when you get to your goal weight.

Daily Target / Weekly Target
These are system settings based on your height & weight

There are two different “Plans” you can follow.  The default is “Tracking”, where you track your food by the points value.  The other is Simply Filling, which allows you to eat a set range of foods without tracking and track anything which is not on the “free” list.  Mind you, it is important to be aware that Free foods still come with calories, so the intent and instruction is to eat until you are satisfied, not full.

You can swap from Tracking to Simply Filling and back again at any time but must apply it to at least the whole day.  This means you can switch for months, weeks or days; even a single day, but can’t switch just for lunch or breakfast and then back.  There are quite a few people who use this method, especially when they get to lifetime and want to maintain their weight, but lots of people also lose weight with it too.  I have not used Simply Filling yet but am seriously looking at it.

I’ve covered rollover in the Smart Points section and this is where you turn it on and off.  You can see that I am not rolling over any of my unused points from previous days.

I am using my fitpoints before weeklies.  This helps me focus on steps and keep moving even though I have weeklies left over at the end of the week.  This is what works for me and allows me to work the system around my needs and comfort level.

Click on everything you can find like “See what’s new” and scroll down for some great tips and information on food, recipes and restaurant information.



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