Weight Watcher Freestyle Blue Dots Conundrum

Since Weight Watchers changed their plan to Freestyle on Dec 3rd 2017, there have been a lot of people complaining about not losing weight fast enough, especially with Blue Dots.  In fact, there are many people calling for a #backto30 plan, wanting to go back to the way things were before Freestyle.

I have been a little critical of people who didn’t quite trust or embrace the new plan so I did some calculations and some soul searching and here’s what I found when I looked at my own habits now 4 months down the track and totally stuck at my current weight for 3 months and I may have found out why.

On Freestyle, chicken, fish & eggs are all zero points as well as most fruit and vegetables.
Weight Watchers encourages you to go for a “blue dot” each day which is a range of 10 points below and 5 points above your daily target.

Freestyle allows you to “not go hungry” but there might be a bit of an issue when you compare points to calories.

As we all know, if you eat more calories than you burn, you don’t lose weight, you gain weight.

The table to the right shows a reasonably average day and my quantities.  I added snacks to fill out the table with points to show the blue dot range.

When I compare the points and blue dots against my recommended calories 1500-1800 per day, there is a bit of a problem!  According to the calorie count, I exceed 1500 calories at just 11 Smart Points.  That’s 16 points and about 700 calories short of my daily target and a whopping 21 Smart Points and 1000+ calories short of my upper blue dot range.

Clearly, this is an issue when you look at my weight loss graph.  I will reserve judgement on blaming Freestyle entirely, I may just have gotten to a “set point”  where my body is happy at this weight and I will need to add extra effort like going to the gym and working out or get extra exercise walking or working in the garden etc…

I’m not too concerned about the cause but do need to find the answer.  One thing I am sure of is that my mental attitude to Blue Dots and my daily points will change immediately.

I am sure others will fall into the same trap of trying to make up points in order to hit your blue dot challenge.  Imagine having 16 points left over at the end of the day.  That’s 4 glasses of wine (464 calories) to reach your daily goal.

Obviously, I can cut back from 6 oz of meat to 3 or 4 and don’t normally eat dessert or candy anyway but this is definitely an eye-opener.

The table above doesn’t take into account weeklies or fit points.  I have been eating some of my weeklies, but not all and I am using fit points before weeklies, so I may just have to look at just using my dailies and set a goal of a certain amount of fit points/calories burned to offset the gap.

I would encourage anyone to consider counting calories as well as points just to be sure.



5 thoughts on “Weight Watcher Freestyle Blue Dots Conundrum”

  1. I am so glad you mentioned about counting calories as well as track points. I have been doing that for about a month and am seeing a difference in how I handle Freestyle. I was feeling guilty and not wanting to share that on Connect, but now I feel better about it. Thank you fir your insight.

  2. I’m so happy I joined your tribe here today! This freestyle/blue dot was a big eye opener and really makes so much sense. Thank you for laying it out so well and with such care paid to the detail! Thanks!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I’m relatively new to weight watchers and didn’t really know what the blue dot was, I didn’t get one yesterday and this explains why. My meals were all fruit, veggie, egg and chicken based. It’s like it trains you to think that way, I’ve never been low so it didn’t occur to me to work on making up the points, especially when I wasn’t hungry. I won’t worry about it so much. I’m sure they have that system to make sure you don’t go too far the other way but I’m not calorie deficient. It’s strange that you can eat a ton of food, not be hungry and be encouraged to eat more.

    1. Rachel, Yes, it is a good way to change the way you think about eating and it helps to be more creative with your cooking. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you can eat all the zero points food you want. Calories are always lurking in the background so it is easy to over-eat and gain over time. Also practice finding out when you are “satisfied” vs “full” at mealtime. I use the rule of halves to manage my intake.

  4. Thank you so much. I am so glad I searched for blue dot information. Some of the ladies in a group on Facebook consider it a binge if you go over your blue dot. I have been a little concerned as I sometimes go over the blue dot range. I don’t consider it a binge as I am eating healthy or trying to. Not using it for sweets, cakes. I will have a glass of wine every now and then.
    I am so glad I found your pages.

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