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New to Weight Watchers?  Online Only?  Don’t know quite what you’re doing yet, how to eat, what to think?  Wondering if you can do it?  Then this blog is for you!

Not new to WW, back for the “Umpteenth time”?  Maybe this set of posts about my journey will give you a little bit of motivation or reflection that just might remind you why you joined.

Disclaimer so we don’t wind up each paying a bunch of lawyers …
I am not a doctor.  I am not a nutritionist or any kind of professional weight loss guru, magician, sooth-sayer, witch doctor etc…. I do not offer any professional advice whatsoever and realize that everyone’s journey is different…. I am more of an Informationologist.  Seek professional advice from a doctor – they have good insurance!

What I have done, is collected a bunch of information that I came across that was helpful in my experience of navigating this new lifestyle (not a diet) along with my most popular posts from Connect (WW social media platform) and put it all into one place.

About Me @cloudbuster61

I joined Weight Watchers in June of 2017 in support of my wife, who had been successful before, but had a major accident and smashed her ankle very badly 25 years before and gained weight over that time.  I had gained “sneaker weight” – about 2lbs a year and my health was suffering as I got older (I’m 56 as I write this).  I used to be extremely fit and active but now found myself sitting at my desk 12 hours a day and in my “comfortable chair” watching TV (between trips to the fridge and BBQ) if I wasn’t sleeping.  The puppy incident was the tipping point which finally made me sit up and take notice.

When I joined, I had trouble finding relevant information that was scattered across the universe and I had to do a lot of digging to find out some of the patterns and secrets associated with success.  As part of my new life’s journey, I regularly challenge myself to learn new things and to give back or pay it forward, so I went way out of my comfort zone and learned how to build a website, that I would have loved to have found day 1 as a library of information, stories, helpful stuff, and recipes – to help people going through the same journey.

My wife is a great cook, but I am lucky not to burn boiled eggs; however, I do love to experiment and am a total gadget geek who likes great tasting food.  I am all thumbs in the kitchen (affectionately called the Test Kitchen) and I haven’t managed to burn my eyebrows off just yet… although I came close.

I was so amazed at my transformation and the help I received in such a short time, I decided to take on a new challenge and build this website for people like me.
In an effort to “pay it forward”.
“If this helps just one person, I will be happy.   If I can do this, so can you”.

“Life is there to be lived…participate or watch it pass you by”!


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