When to Weigh?

When to Weigh?

Wow! Big question.  Most people I have come across weigh once a week, whether at a meeting or online only.  WW sets a WI (Weigh In) day once a week but the app allows you to input daily weight.  Some weigh once a day, in the morning, after potty and naked (depending on the temperature).  Some, and I am one of them, weigh first thing in the morning and the last thing at night (I don’t recommend doing this).  I want to know more about how my body reacts to various foods, salt, drinks, exercise etc.. in a more scientific way, so that became an important habit for me – not obsessive…. I only record my morning weight in the app, so I have a good picture of my journey.  It did teach me however that I lose up to 2lb overnight, especially if I have pooped (yes I know) beforehand.  One thing I did notice after joining was that my bowel movements extended from every day to once in 2 days or even 3, depending on what I ate.

Some people do not weigh at home.  I know people who don’t even own a scale and rely on meetings to provide the number.  Others weigh more than morning and night and personally, I think that is overdoing it.  I have seen comments where people will take off watches, rings, and other jewelry; even saying “I’d remove my fillings if I could”.  Funny, but maybe bordering on obsessive for me.

The reality is, weigh whenever you want on a cadence which makes you comfortable, but don’t obsess about the number, use it to adjust, learn from it and make it work for you; in whatever manner that suits your need.


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