Your First Week

Your First Week

I used my first week to find out what points were all about.  I looked up the points for everything I ate for the last 2 weeks before I joined to see what my points would have been – WOW!!!  What an eye-opener.Like anything, practice makes perfect, so don’t think you are going to get everything right, straight out of the box, you won’t.  The one thing you need is commitment.  A commitment to yourself and a commitment to NEVER GIVE UP!

Everything is new, and you will feel out of place, a little confused and even nervous, but use the tools available, find new recipes, search out shortcuts for meal prepping and snacks and learn to make life easier rather than harder.  It is normal to second guess your decision; I did many times but realized that my health was far more important because there is only one outcome if you give up.

As you walk around the local supermarket, Trader Joes, Costco etc… don’t be afraid to scan everything you can get your hands on.  My wife and I started having a competition to guess how many points something was before we scanned it.  You could hear us at Costco yelling to each other “How many for the baked potatoes with cheese per serving”?,“12”?, “Nope 18”, “Put them down”.

You will likely lose a lot of “water weight” for the first couple of weeks and then it might slow down as you get into your groove.  Remember 1-2lbs a week on average is considered normal AND is the target for the WW program.  I lost about 10lbs a month in my first 5 months and my wife lost about 7.  I didn’t lose every week, some weeks I gained a couple, but I recognized a cycle.

The other thing I noticed was that our refrigerator turned into a fruit and veggie stand and there was a lot of chicken, fish, shrimp, and turkey showing up instead of hamburger and steak.  Butter turned into Avocado butter, then I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter (ICBINB) and then we got the spray on version.  This was totally against my normal thought process but it is amazing how your body adjusts and makes it the “new normal” and along with feeling better and having more energy, you actually don’t mind.

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