Fruit Infused Water Dispenser

My wife went out and bought a <$20 water jar (Dispenser) from Bed Bath & Beyond and it was glass, with a stand.

Worked great, looked fantastic, but it was a Gallon and a Half…  That’s a lot of water Monday to Friday…  I was very pleased with the result, it looked just like the hotel versions, only a little smaller, which was fine.

This is a great addition if you are having people over and makes you look high falutin when maybe you’re not quite?  (as in my case).

Add a bunch of cut citruses like Oranges, Lemons, and Limes, but also try some Cucumber or mango along with a sprig of rosemary or Thyme and maybe experiment with Mint etc…  there are a lot of options you can find on Google.

Nice addition to the dining room or the kitchen where people gather.  It sends a message that you are serious about water.

For under $20, this is a good addition, as long as you have somewhere to put it.

These items come with and without stands, come in plastic, glass and pottery or full metal, if you can afford it.Either way, you WILL be drinking more water!

I found the one below on Amazon which is probably better value and the right size for the dinner  table (1 Gallon) but doesn’t have a stand.  There are literally hundreds to choose from.



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