Premier Protein

I always have Premier Protein in my fridge these days.   I am certainly not addicted but they are just so handy and at 2 Smart Points they are a good source of grab & run protein and the taste is pretty decent as well.

While they come in the standard flavors of Vanilla, Banana, Chocolate & Caramel, I see some new ones on the horizon like Cookies and Cream, Peaches & Cream as well as some “Clear” drinks.

I recently met someone who told me they were advised by a dietician to purchase some protein drinks and they ended up just grabbing a Boost brand, thinking that all protein drinks are the same…. it ended up being 9SP so make sure you pre-track your purchases.

Mix and match, use as a coffee creamer or in waffles, pancakes, desserts & puddings or even over cereal.

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2 thoughts on “Premier Protein”

  1. The Peaches & Cream is very good! Big peach flavor in them. The clear fruit punch is good but very sweet to me. I always keep a couple of cases here. Quick low point snack basically.

  2. Love this stuff. I usually get a double shot of espresso in a tall cup over ice and add 1 premier protein.

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