Smart Buns from SmartBaking Review (1SP)


I ordered some (1SP) Smart Buns from Smartbaking, along with some Smart Cakes (see review here).
There has been a whole lot of excitement in the weight loss/health food community about these so I wanted to find out what all the fuss was about.

My online order took about 7 days as the Smart Buns were out of stock and arrived via USPS into the mailbox.

I opened the box and found the Smart Buns in among a bunch of bubble wrap.  Each Smart Bun is individually wrapped in their own slightly pressurized bubble and then wrapped in a bag of 4.  They are quite well protected for the long journey but I couldn’t help thinking that the cost of the wrapping might be more than the buns?

When I opened the individual package and grabbed a Smart Bun I noticed it was very much like a hamburger bun in density and quite a nice shape with sesame seeds on top.  It would definitely hold a hamburger patty and pass for a regular burger bun.  It was pre-split and all of the buns looked identical.

Now for the taste test: 
The first bite revealed what could pass for a hamburger bun consistency with a slight chew but certainly not “airy” or “super light” as you might expect in something with 1 Smart Point value for the whole bun.  It did have a slightly different taste than normal bread but not a chemical taste, more of a milled small grain bread (Flax) taste rather than wheat, but not too different.

The instructions say that Smart Buns will toast faster than regular bread but I found mine toasted at the same setting as bread just fine, in fact they came out with perfect color.

I used a range of butter, ICBN and different condiments and the buns performed very much like a normal bread bun.

Interestingly, as with the Smart Cakes, after about 30 minutes I noticed that I developed a slightly dull headache which lasted about 20 minutes.
I was interested whether this was purely a coincidence so the next day I put it to the test and ate half of a bottom slice of Smart Bun straight out of the package, without anything on it and waited…

About 20 minutes later, there it was a slight dull headache which I can reasonably attribute to an ingredient in the Smart Bun.
The ingredient list shows the culprit might be the same Erythritol as found in the Smart Cakes, so I concluded that I have a headache reaction to Erythritol and discontinued the test.


Burger Photo
Courtesy of Smart Baking

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